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Paintertainment What I39ve been painting lately www t

Paintertainment What I39ve been painting lately www t


I hosted another face painting jam last week and utilized the time (and kids present!) to update my Frozen themed design menu.

Paintertainment: What I've been painting lately.

Monday, September 19, 2016

I LOVE jamming with my fellow local artists! I seriously wish I could do it several times a week, but alas...other duties call as well.

On the left are a few I did on my PainterTemplates practice sheets...hopefully I can snag a kid later to try them on skin! Judy the bunny I painted on my ...

Paintertainment.com - Robot by Gretchen Fleener. Click for more photos and product links!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Paintertainment: What I've been painting lately... www.Paintertainment.

(I was afraid they may be painted out after each being painted 12 times for my "Painting Boys" book!) Here's what they picked:

Christmas Face Paint Ideas - Credits to Paintertainment.com

Never Settle for Being the Best: My Journey from Cheek Art to Full Face Painting. Paintertainment

I've also been doing a little bit of henna as well. Here is a design I did on my own arm, inspired by the stained glass work of Frank Lloyd Wright:

cheek art emmett Lego by Gretchen Fleener of Paintertainment.com

Being that I live in the same state as Prince and drive by Paisley Park every week, I thought I should paint some sort of Prince tribute last week!

Paintertainment: Carver County Fair 2015 Recap Face Painting Designs, Body Painting, Hand Art

I recently was quoted in a magazine article. Normally I'm really excited when this happens, but this particular article I had some mixed feelings with.

Paintertainment: Springtime Happenings at Paintertainment! Animal Face Paintings, Easter Paintings, Animal Faces

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Paintertainment: Carver County Fair 2014 Recap

I've just uploaded a new step by step video of the design shown above! This one comes out just in time for your 4th of July gigs.

Paintertainment: Carver County Fair 2015 Recap Easter Face Paint, Cheek Art, County Fair

I LOVE jamming with my fellow local artists! I seriously wish I could do it several times a week, but alas...other duties call as well.

Cheek art by Gretchen Fleener www.Paintertainment.com Cheek Art, Face Painting Designs

Rocket design by Gretchen Fleener www.Paintertainment.com Face Painting For Boys, Face

Here are a few paintings I've done in the past week.

Anyone want to paint, sing, and talk CBD? My weekend is open!

y'all... this is the longest amount of time over ever spent

Last week I tucked my county fair under my belt.this being my year at Carver County Fair! Paintertainment

#budha #paint #painting #painttorelax #art #serene #acryliconcanvas #decor

Unicorn for my granddaughters. Painted in acrylics on 11”x14” stretched canvas.

Meta Knight - face paint makeup art transformation: from Smash Bros/Mario/kirby

Okay, I know I'm a tad late in blogging about this, but the latest issue of Wet Paint Magazine is now available worldwide!

Since the huge mega snowstorm started yesterday, I have been trying to cheer myself up by painting some summer-y things! Paintertainment

The last time i used an artist brush was way back in college. It was

A prática leva à perfeição~ // Practice leads to perfection~ || hihihi

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been really busy working on

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A pleasant afternoon face painting for my neighbors #Face painting fun! 😍 #facepainting

paint _boy _anil

Paintertainment: Springtime Happenings at Paintertainment! Face Painting Designs, Face Painting For Boys,

Husky learned at International Face Painting School #ivonasmagiccolors #facepainting #facepainter #faceart #

I think I found this one on Pinterest??

I haven't been feeling well lately but today, after 6 weeks, I

ALL WHITE 230×150cm, 2018 #contemporaryart #figurativeart

paint Out Loud!

paper airplane! by Gretchen Fleener of www.Paintertainment.com

Do the robot dance 🤖 .. .. .. .. #facepaint #

Simple one stroke seahorse #ivonasmagiccolors #satisfyingvideos #satisfying #facepainter #bodypainter #linework

Lately I've felt like I haven't been making much progress, but

Don't forget to check out our face and body art galleries, as well as our "Kid Artist Spotlight" on Thays Diaz! To top it all off, we've also given you some ...

I've only been waiting to paint her for a week. Was finally able

It's been busy around here lately! Here are a bunch of random happenings... New Products We now have Cameleon Silver makeup in stock!

On the job designs #facepainter #facepainting #facepaint #bodypainter #bodypainting #bodypaint

Painted along with @seanavram robot class today #FABAtv ♥ 🤖 .. .. .. #facepaint #facepainting #facepainter #bodypaint #bodypainting #bodypainter #makeup ...

🎨🐬🤬😳Sometimes you must paint things that you find tricky.. And

Dot Parade Creatives SG ( @dotparade ). Knife Painting!

Do you guys ever feel like you've forgotten how to paint roses? My

I love the little honeycomb stencil that is a part of the new HAS "Mixer" set! First I laid down a layer of yellow INtense Pro powders, and then added the ...

... #art #fineart #sillyfarm #jestpaint #dfx #fxdiamond #shareyourfacepaint #facepaintshop #facepaintcom #paintertainment #makeup #makeupartist #crazymakeup ...

Dot Parade Creatives SG ( @dotparade )

Today is National Dolphin Day! Here are a few dolphin facts you can rattle off

Paint the Town with Colour at the Vancouver Art Gallery. #art #popart #

Sound on!! Behind the scene Well done!! Professional Master Makeup & design

... #mua #instaart #facepaintersofinstagram #facepaintshop #facepaintcom # paintertainment #sillyfarm #mermaidmakeup #jestpaint #mermaid #schminkchallenge

I've been dedicating so much time to my art

... talented @Milena_faceartist We love this 'clean' design with it's intense dragon eyes🐲... And have you spotted how Milena's lips have been painted ...

I recently completed my year at the Dakota County Fair with the help of my fabulous mom ! My mom painted Monday through Thursday an. Paintertainment

Having some fun today doing a photo shoot for my local paper. Cant wait to

Rainbow + butterfly + princess 👑... was the request!

Having a little PopArt play!❤ #popart #makeup #bodypaint #lip

Super quick and fun fireworks!!

Grateful to have nieces who share my love of face painting . • • This year

“i don't use pen. i use paint brushes dipped in venom.

Feeling artsy with @paintertainment from last nights gig @thepolygongallery with @totalentertainmentnetwork and @

I Still don't get enough pictures

I haven't been posting

Why is it we sometimes feel like we need a vacation after having been on vacation

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Hermie the Elf face paint! www.Paintertainment.com

Me and my apron are ready for a Unicorn Party today! 🦄🎈🎉 .

Dolphin girl. 🐬 . . . #akvagrim #kinderschminken #pintacaritas #ansiktsmålning #

Thanks Colleen for having me face paint & make balloons for all the kids at your

pain killas make a niggah wanna doze off

This is the only picture I got from a large Easter Egg hunt, it was

Sweet like honey 🐝🍯✨ ✨ 🍯 🐝 - This is literally a FULL face

This tiny painting is taking my time. Going to give it a rest for a

Princess elsa face painting ❄❄❄ #frozenfacepaint #snowqueen #frozen #princesselsa #

We learn little from victory,much from defeat! *chess quotes* #facepainting

Teal bling pack sent off to London to add to a body paint job for dancers

Another Val inspired look, played around with the colors a bit! #fashion #

Painting Nick NYC, 2018 📸 @rjr10036 . . . . . #artwork #

#facepaint#face painting #facepainter #

I had the joy of painting my awesome 10 year old again this year with another ugly Christmas sweater for my business Christmas cards!

... #art #fineart #sillyfarm #jestpaint #dfx #fxdiamond #shareyourfacepaint #facepaintshop #facepaintcom #paintertainment #makeup #makeupartist #crazymakeup ...

Stormy sunset⚡️I can't think of a better name right now 😆 This look took way too long and ended up just looking like molten rock 😩 I've been wanting to ...

Paintertainment: Dakota County Fair 2010 Comes To A Close... Time Painting,

The latest creation #scarabbeetle #chalkpastels

Painting and singing to my karaoke playlist. It's an eclectic mix, like me, of Live Love LOUD and Back the Fuck Off Haters, I'll do me, you do you!

You're gonna hear me roarrr 🦁 Design learned at International Face Painting School #