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Queens Room QE2 Original furniture A sublime space Ships in

Queens Room QE2 Original furniture A sublime space Ships in


Queens Room QE2 Original furniture….. A sublime space

Queens Room QE2 Original furniture….. A sublime space | Ships in 2019 | Rms queen elizabeth, Queen room, Cruise

The elegant Queen's Room on the QE2 | Ocean liner pictures | Pinterest | Queen room, Cruise and Ocean

Lounge on the Queen Elizabeth 2 (1969)

Cunard Line - Queen Elizabeth 2 - midships bar and the double down lounge. David Toms · QE2 Original Interiors

The elegant Queen's Room on the QE2

QE2 Queens Room. Sublime.

QE2 Queens Room, refined simplicity and cohesive design. Queen Room, Cruise Ships,

QE2 Queens Room

Deluxe Room

5107 - Life boat and equipment

The Queen's Room, facing aft.

Here we see a stairwell with an original painting of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Here we see a stairwell with an original painting of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Mary 2

Cunard Line - Queen Elizabeth - Ocean Liner Postcards Rms Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary,

The Chart Room

RMS Queen Elizabeth - 1939 - After Refitting ~ The Restaurant was always magnificent, but now it was even more sublime, with its new carpets and all the ...

Dubai has an exciting new luxury floating hotel, the ex Trans-Atlantic Liner RMS Queen Elizabeth 2, which later became a popular Cruise Ship so lovingly ...

A view of Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2 as seen from the marina

Midships Lobby, facing starboard.

The Reception Desk in The Boat Shaped terminal

QE2, single restaurant chair by Robert Heritage.

This is yet another style of a Captains Club Room

Part of the bedroom to the huge Deluxe Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary Suites as mentioned above

Normandie is a familiar theme throughout the exhibit, as well she should be, being one of the ultimate liners, however there is a healthy balance and ...

RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 is seen with her original funnel just five months after her maiden voyage in 1969

QE2 post 1994

Stay on the iconic QE2

4066 - Life boat

The vase shown above, from the RMS 'Queen Elizabeth', dates from c-1938 and was designed and hand thrown by the famous Pool Pottery, Dorset, England.

The Yacht Club, facing starboard.

Guests come from around the world and stay onboard Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2

4080 - Life boat

QE2 and VISION in Blue.

A suite of original furniture, as designed and built from the Cabin (First) Class pre war Long Gallery, c-1936, RMS 'Queen Mary'. The arm chair is of ...

Although the major restoration work has been completed, the Queen Elizabeth 2's features, facilities and some amenities will be unveiled to the public in ...

Queen Mary Observation Lounnge

Cunard Line Queen Mary 2 Single Stateroom.jpg

Queen Mary 2. SHIP DETAILS

During its time as a passenger vessel, QE2 crossed the Atlantic more than 800 times

4128 - Tender boat and equipment

A detailed cross section model of the Conte di Savoia, showing her revolutionary but short-lived dynamos, supposed to cure the ships rolling in heavy seas, ...

Queen Mary 2 in Flam by Rob Lightbody, on Flickr

Queen Mary 2

The Chart Room, facing aft.

Cunard line Queen Victoria Grand Suite.jpg

One thing about the trip... it did create the most fabulous photo opportunities... (loads more to come)

Queens Grill Queens Suite

5122 - Life boat equipment

Silence in the synagogue, facing port.

Almost jumping out of us is surely one of PEM's prize exhibits, the legendary Bassett Lowke builders model of the RMS "Queen Elizabeth", produced in c-1938.

Queens Grill Master Suite

4082 - Life boat

1976 pre-magrodome stern shot collage at Pier 93, courtesy of Kodak Pocket Instamatic 20.

(Pictured above) Q2 Duplex Suite Lounge Area

4064 - Life boat and equipment

A typical bathroom for many rooms

Britannia Club Balcony

State-owned Dubai World bought the QE2 from Cunard Line in 2007, but the

(Pictured above) Carinthia Lounge

4074 - Life boat and equipment

Cunard Line Queen Victoria Deluxe Inside 1.JPG

Troop ships Queen Mary and the newer Queen Elizabeth meet just off Sydney heads in 1941




Queen Mary 2 at rest in Flam by Rob Lightbody, on Flickr


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If there is one area that somewhat lacks in the exhibition, its the absences of any significant artefacts from the iconic QE2. The ship is represented by a ...

4118 - Tender boat equipment

Britannia Grill, facing forward.

A reception housed in a boat-shaped structure at the quay welcomed guests to Wednesday's

Today, you will transfer from the QE2 to the port, where you will board Queen Mary 2 for an overnight port stay. The QM2 is the largest ocean liner ever ...

The late, great SS. Norway was unquestionably a lady.

Queens Grill Penthouse

Britannia Club Balcony

The stunning and surprisingly large scaled Herbert Davis Richter's portrayal of Queen Mary's main dining room, produced for Cunard White Star Line to ...

Upon her return to her berth, the ship was hooked up to Dubai 's power grid, yet she remains fully afloat in the Persian Gulf . Whilst the Press visited the ...

5138 - Life boat equipment

The Mauretania Restaurant, facing forward.

The QE2 first entered service in 1969 and has sailed around the world 25 times,

Cunard Line Queen Victoria Oceanview Stateroom 1.JPG

Happy to say in the middle of the book is a lovely spread of original furniture from the Queen Mary, showing each piece in an archival photo, c-1936, ...

Ships in Fleet: 3. Category: Upscale

QE2's new, 1987 funnel

Queen Mary 2 trying to hide by Rob Lightbody, on Flickr

Golden Lion; Midship's Bar; Queens Room

Entering outer harbor.

(Pictured above) A Britannia Club Balcony Stateroom

4120 - Tender boat

Dubai hopes the QE2 will boost tourism in the most visited city in the Middle East

... Midship's Bar; Queens Room +10

Children's equipment & art from the Normandie's First Class children's room is also prominently featured, and acts as the penultimate exhibit before the ...

Steamer chairs on deck; once the very essence of the transatlantic liner

A bit of QE2 amid the palm skyline of Los Angeles' Pier 92.