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The Hobbit text post via Tumblr Tumblr Text Posts Fandoms in

The Hobbit text post via Tumblr Tumblr Text Posts Fandoms in


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18 Tumblr Posts That Prove The Supernatural Fandom Is Everywhere

The Hobbit text post (via Tumblr). Bahahaha!!! I laughed so hard at this.

Tumblr text post+the hobbit

And how to talk about butts. | 17 Times Tumblr Explained A Thing Better Than School

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When the fandom found their way onto this post

randomlittlespark.tumblr.com / Via imgur.com

Dan just got promoted on Tumblr to a Supernatural post | Supernatural! | Supernatural, Supernatural fandom, Superwholock

aquachilddicksquad.tumblr.com / Via rileymagicandl3.tumblr.com

It's funny how other humans think what they say is going to stop the fandoms - the power of SuperWhoLock on Tumblr | SUPERNATURAL | Supernatural fandom, ...

Plus hijacking posts:

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SAM WAS THE BOSSEST CHARACTER Middle Earth, Tumblr Posts, Tolkien, Lotr, Lord

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I'm just loving how *gavin screaming*/who's gavin? has gone memetic.

how-supernatural-fandom-takes-over-tumblr-posts-part 1-

When they never missed a moment: aschoolgirlcrush.tumblr.com / Via ...

how-supernatural-fandom-takes-over-tumblr-posts-part 1-

The Hobbit fandom needs more memes and Tumblr posts. Really.

how-supernatural-fandom-takes-over-tumblr-posts-part 1-

me at 2am:

undefined via albinwonderland

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I think it's funny when people edit out "bad words" from a post. In this post they clearly edited the ass out of "smartass" haha

#lord of the rings#lotr#lord of the rings funny#shire#hobbit#bag end#frodo baggins#bilbo baggins#nazgul#thorin#thorin oakenshield#gandalf

Furthermore, Tumblr is a GREAT place for cultural exchange. And while there are plenty of serious discussions out there, Tumblr also offers treasures like ...

I like to look at old RA posts here on tumblr and see what the fandom was like a few years ago. I often find/reblog great RA posts which only have a ...

This is why I love the fandom side of tumblr!!

When Tumblr went a little too far with Tom Riddle's diary.

top tumblr posts · latest articles · Tatspiration; about; contact us. Reasons to love the hobbit fandom (and their spiral into bofa insanity)


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LOL tumblr books The Lord of the Rings fangirl fandoms i love these


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Navigating Fandom In Stitches

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Therefore I highly recommend Tumblr to all Geeks out there, because it's just such a great place to browse, post content, share and interact with others.

Fandom language and popular fandoms

Tumblr illustration by Noelle Stevenson, known as Gingerhaze. Trends on the ...

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15 'Lord of The Rings' Tumblr Posts That Will Make Every Die-Hard Tolkien Fan Squeal


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I couldn't think of a way to better enjoy Hobbit Day than to pay a little tribute to just a small sample of some of the amazing stories this fandom is ...

While I definitely don't want to suggest that Tumblr-users are more intelligent or creative than people who prefer Facebook or Twitter, I do think that ...

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And when the Entmoot is over and the drums of war have sounded, you can be damn sure that he's one of the strongest voices raised to sing the war ballad of ...

7. Like Frozen

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25 best TV, movie fan bases: See which is the one fandom to rule them all

Meeting Of The Memes: J.R.R. Tolkien's 21st Century Film Fandom

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Welcome Gretchen today with a new Hobbit-themed pattern!

Celebrating Tolkien on Instagram – it's Hobbit Week


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Image may contain: text that says 'George Takei @GeorgeTakei Only in America could

Image by ♕❘JamieRose❘♛

How To Succeed In Fandom Without Really Trying

Oh man, what a ride this has been. The Tolkien fandom awoke after the end of the LotR trilogy ended. We get some more New Zealand tourism goodness.

Harry Potter Fandom Update | @fandommattersaf

Every Tolkien fan has their own history with this character, this book, this author, and his other works—and if they're really lucky, that exposure started ...

fandom, hetalia, homestuck, text post, tumblr

... funny-tumblr-posts.jpg via Relatably.com 32 Of ...

Source: Richard Armitage Confessions

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back after 12 weeks with a post about cats, enjoy my friends • • (

Everything is going great until Quickbeam comes home and finds all the Rowan trees BRUTALLY BURNED AND SLAUGHTERED by Saruman. So he's pretty damn ready to ...

Tumblr user destinationtoast has become a go-to resource for fans who want to understand their communities.

@laprincipessacorvonero 's post; Ehy wizards💓 sono stra happy perché finalmente le giornate si sono accaldate e questo pomeriggio andrò a fare una ...

photo tababom_designer_zps12d4fb2f.jpg ...

... we swooned, and we reflected on the magic of John Green, co-President of Nerdfighteria, legend of YouTube, Godfather of Tumblr, king of the fandom.

Fandom Anonymous 1 year 279. Are you in a ...


A deep love of facts: foreverboybucky.tumblr.com

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