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The view never changes if you39re not the lead dog Social t

The view never changes if you39re not the lead dog Social t



Sometimes, dogs get impatient with our mixed signals. Don't you want to do better? (Photo: Hannamariah/Shutterstock)

Wag App Review – My Experience As An On-Demand Dog Walker

Should Your Dog Have Sofa Privileges?

Image: Mug shots of a disheveled dog

Psychology Today. Find a Therapist

A pet's death can hurt more than losing a fellow human

Old dog on a couch

Dog on leash

The Ultimate Guide to Having a Dog When You Work Full-Time

The relationship began—well, nobody knows exactly when it began. The earliest remains of humans and dogs interred together date to 14,000 years ago, ...

15 things humans do wrong at dog parks

Common Dog Behavior Issues

What Are The Best Apps For Dog Parents?

Dogs like Drogo, a treeing Tennessee brindle, are walked by Rover workers in 14,000 cities across the country.

Getting out with a nervous dog can be stressful. Follow these 9 tips for helping


... dog do everything together — from enjoying long walks on sunny days and playing in the park to curling up together on the couch when the weather isn't ...

Dogs Mentally Understand How Much We Love Them, Canine Cognition Expert Assures

dog on a leash

Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other More Than Anyone Else

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How much do dogs sleep?

The majority of Americans in their 30s have a dog. They are also increasingly likely to buy clothing, costumes, even strollers, for their pets.

A closeup of a dog's nose sticking out from between green bars.

Illustrated dog watching couple have sex

The following methods should alleviate some of the issues you may face when meeting new dogs and people.

What Do I Do When My Dog Is Aggressive Towards Children?

Papillon Dog Breed Picture

Photo by kizzzbeth (https://flic.kr/p/9Q3HPB)

The Dark Side of Socialization: Fear Periods and Single Event Learning | Dr. Jen's Dog Blog

corgi personality

Bernese Mountain Dog

Lost Dog Behavior

Rover: The pet care startups competing to walk your dog - Vox

It's Official: Dog Owners Live Longer, Healthier Lives

Let me just say, when you're walking around with a giant dog like that, you can walk around with no fear. No one is going to mess with you.

How Accurate Is Alpha's Theory of Dog Domestication?

Saint Bernard Standing in Grass

10 Dog Breeds With the Worst Separation Anxiety | Blog | Furbo Dog Camera

Bearded hipster guy playing with the dog

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Pit Bull

... dog breed has a proud, independent spirit that some describe as catlike. He can be aloof — if you're looking for a cuddle buddy, this probably isn't the ...

Mastiff Standing in Field

dog close up

#dogbehavior #understanddog #dogbreeds

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How to get your profile approved on Upwork, even if they say your skill isn't needed

Stereotypical motion activities do not always mean separation anxiety. It might indicate a different fear or anxiety, boredom or a primary psychological ...

What Are the Diseases Your Pet Can Give You?

Beautiful couple in nature

Because your pup is the only vacation buddy that won't stress you out.

In Retrospect, I Shouldn't Have Given This App the Keys to My House

This is especially relevant just before leaving the house. When the owner leaves the dog home physically and mentally satisfied, the dog has no capacity and ...

Canine Body Language

Mastiff Dog Breed

puppy quotes over a puppy yawning

consider hiring a trained, certified pet sitter

View image of Woof (Credit: M01229/CC 2.0)

They're out of your hair, happily occupied and come home nice and tired. They had fun with their friends and return drained of energy and content. It's a ...

Although it rarely ends with a leash-aggressive dog attacking a canine passerby (after all, you're holding the other end of the leash), it certainly is ...

It reigns as one of the oldest dog breeds whose original looks have not been significantly altered.

Couple Exercising Dog In Autumn Woodland

Rescue dogs can transform in dramatic ways in a forever home.

I put the leash on this pup, indicated that I was starting the walk, and then I was off.

Why Your Cat Thinks You're a Huge, Unpredictable Ape

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Monday had better not mess with this little hyena. . Except it totally did today

Then there's the activity aspect of it.

Yellow lab puppy sitting at owner's feet on a leash

What should I do if my dog is attacked?

Chihuahua mix Valentina at her home in New York City.

dog smelling grass

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

View image of Cassie doesn't trust unreliable strangers either (Credit: Victoria Standen). The finding comes as no surprise to dog ...

Many factors can cause separation anxiety. The following ones are those that are most commonly connected to the development of the anxiety:

Because you need to map your dog walk .